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FoodX is a unique product that is designed to increase the profits and to reduce the costs of restaurants. From this perspective, you can easily sell our product to the restaurants and you can reach a reasonable income in a short time.
We offer our business partners a reliable and profitable business. As FoodX;
We pay 99,99 of commission fee to our dealers who sell premium licence.
We complete online ordering system installation within 24 hours.
We send the licence codes to our dealers after installation.
Are you selling products to restaurants on a regular basis?
You can be a supplier who sells products that a restaurant needs. You can add FoodX to your portfolio. Both sell your products and FoodX, you can easily increase your income. By doing this, you can grow your existing business.
Do you want to embark on a new long term business in a growing sector?
Compared to other sectors, food sector is performed a reasonable growth every year. For this reason, a potential number of companies which can buy our product are increasing. By building a team of 5 people, you can sell our product in your area. Under normal conditions, an ordinary salesperson sells this product to 6 to 10 restaurants in a month. It is possible to achieve a very substantial gain to sell this product.
Do you have an experience in sales?
Do you have an experience in sales?
Do you have an experience in human relations?
Did you leave your job?
Are looking for a new job?
Do you want to be your own boss?
Do you want to sell our product to the restaurants?
If your answer is YES, become a dealer of FoodX. You just get a chance to make double up your present salary. You can have a long term and stable income. In this way, you reach your aims easily.
A person who wants to sell this product as an individual earns 1250-3500 per month. Everything is so clear, why are you still waiting? To become a dealer, please fill the form below. We will call you back.
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