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Increase your profit
FoodX save your profit hundreds of pounds in commission fees that you need to pay each month for on-line ordering portals.
Correct orders
Taking orders over the phone in a busy time still is difficult. You may make a mistake while taking order. FoodX is designed so that all possible errors are eliminated during the ordering process.
Improve the capacity
Depending on the food of that restaurant customers will be asked questions. (eg "Would you like any sauce ?" or "in pitta or in a container?") Without these questions, the order cannot be completed. Therefore, calls, like "I forgot to say that I do not like sauce" and avoided it will save valuable time. So you can still work more effective and deliver the order to the customer as quickly as possible.
Easily create reports
Whether daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports. You can create order reports for any desired period. With this system you can ask questions like "Where are most of the orders coming from?", "Which customer has today ordered what?" And see many other information.
More flexibility
FoodX made that customers are tied to your business by its high quality service. The customers do not need to enter their details every time. In addition, they do not need to worry about the out-of-date price lists.
Your customers will be automatically informed about campaigns and promotions. So you do not need to worry about advertising and the money remains in your pocket.
If required, FoodX supplies you appropriate equipment with suitable price for running the system, including of a laptop, a thermal printer and an sms printer, so you can take your orders quickly and efficiently.
Quick repayment
FoodX once installed, the system starts to bring his prime cost again. Your business can now save the high costs of commissions for online ordering portals.
Larger order volumes
With individually created interactive web site by FoodX, you are in your region that have their own online ordering system. This enables you to attract customers who slapped the other restaurants due to the ever manned phones and you can accept orders from all those who learn from your website.
Less Losses
At busy times, the phones are busy, so that customers can not order. And if a customer gets through, it is possible that the order is received incorrect or detail overlooked in the rush (the Coke should be Light, "four chips" instead of "small chips"). These mistakes lead to reduced turnover and profits. FoodX prevents incorrect or incomplete orders and you do not lose money.
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